Our Colorado-made and Aspen-aged rye whiskey might have just become Breaking Bourbon’s new favorite juice. 

Hand Holding Needle In The Hay Cocktail sitting on a Aspen wood wedge

“Yes, Aspen Aged Rye is young, and yes, it’s finished with Aspen oak discs, but it’s hard to argue with the results.”

– Breaking Bourbon 

Aaliyah was on to something when she released her 90s Hip Hop classic, “Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number.”

We understand that in the world of whiskey, age is often important. But there are occasional unicorns, like our Aspen Aged Rye Whiskey; spirits so beautifully compelling they’re impossible to ignore, despite their youth. 

We also know we’re producing one of the finest rye whiskeys out there, and now Breaking Bourbon’s readers know it, too. 

The Internet’s whiskey experts are Locke + Co fans; shouldn’t you be, too? After all, age ain’t nothing but a number. 

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