RepYourWater’s inspiration this winter is a warming cocktail and sparse flies.



  1. Mix all ingredients in a RepYourWater Predator Crystal Glass


RepYourWater Black Manhattan Playlist

13 songs, 47 min

RepYourWater Co-founder Garrison Doctor created this playlist to be played while drinking this cocktail from Locke + Co distilling. Enjoy the RepYourWater Black Manhattan Playlist and hit play.

Even though Garrison has no direct family members that fish, his love for fish and fishing was evident at a very early age. After he begged his dad for his first fly rod on his 10th birthday, this passion was sealed. His love for art and design also carried throughout his life. RepYourWater is a combination and vision of these pursuits. If he is not in the RepYourWater office working on a new design, he may be out in “Big Blue”, his trusty raft, throwing a streamer at a juicy bank and soaking in the wild.

Garrison Doctor Holding a fish in a river

picture provided by Garrison Doctor

RepYourWater Black Manhattan Cocktail on a table with lure making materials, Locke + Co Aspen Aged Rye Whiskey & a bottle of Fee Brothers Cherry Bitters

picture by RepYourWater